Monday, December 10

Just Thankful

The past month has been a roller coaster for me. That the ride is slowing to a more manageable speed finally. For those that I didn't already share this with, I've had a horrible flareup of my ulcerative colitis for the past month which we found out was due to being pregnant. We were so thrilled!!! However, I was so sick the entire time we had all our Thanksgiving guests that I feel like I missed out on good times! I miscarried early last week and am still working with my doctors to get well. Ahhh, life is such a never-ending learning process!

But in the midst of all these challenges, I felt so blessed. I have a caring husband who is always willing to help me in any way I need him without complaint. My two little guys smother me with love when needed and remind me of the simple joys found in life, many times in just sharing a smile.

New Faucet
Our kitchen faucet has been in such a state of disrepair for awhile now. We got a new one on Saturday which Ryan promptly installed (I LOVE THAT ABOUT HIM!). When Easton pulled up to get himself a drink, he exclaimed, "Whoa Cool! Is this one of my Christmas presents?"

I'd told our little preschoolers the nativity story with our nativity and I've been pointing out all the nativities in town to Easton. On our way home from church, we pass the courthouse's nativity, the Catholic church's nativity sign, and a few lawn nativities! How fabulous!!! Last night we went to the DC Temple to see the lights and Easton really liked the partially live nativity. His comment was, "I like that baby Jesus story and they had swaddling clothes too!" It never ceases to surprise me what details kids pick up!