Monday, November 19

Pie Guys

Tonight, Ryan has started making over 30 pies for friends who've ordered. I can't wait for ours - it's worth breaking the gluten-free rule!

I just snapped some cute pics of Easton "helping" his dad make some pies. I can't believe Ryan's got the patience to have a little helper and show him how to roll out the crust, flour it, scrape it up, and put it in the pie tin. Easton's jabbering away about making more pies for each member of our family, especially McKay since he's too little to make his own and he's already in bed. (smile!) They're also discussing one of Easton's favorite topics - that he says we need more babies. He's altered his request from two girl babies to one girl and one boy so I won't be the only girl in the family. Note that it's 2 babies, not just one at a time!!! Aaaack!!! With my mom having a twin brother, I've always wondered if twins were in my future and now wonder if Easton's been preparing me! YIKES!

It's way past Easton's bedtime, but I can't bear to break up this classic father-son time!