Saturday, November 10

Proud & Strong at 4:55:18!

Ryan completed his first marathon today in Richmond! He says it'd become a goal of his over the years since his youth when he'd walk the UT 50-20s. It was soooo fun to see how much fun he had!!!

Besides Ryan's determination to train and do it, we can truly attribute his success to our friend Ryan Washington. Ryan W has tutored and supplied Ryan since they decided to run it together back in August. (Ryan W likes to run extreme races and my Ryan went with him once to OH to be his pacer on a 100 mile race! Amazing!!!)

Us wives w/ a van full of kids tried, failed, and succeeded in catching up with our Ryans to cheer them on. This was harder to do than I thought navigating a strange city w/ incomplete maps and road closures. Janelle and I made an awesome team and the kids really did quite well considering all the craziness we put them through! Janelle deserves a medal for running the mile race with her son in addition to juggling her other three kids today - she ROCKS!

After Ryan had his ice bath, we began the road home where Ryan chatted my head off til I started snoozing mid-sentence 20 min from Alexandria! He was still going strong after running 26.2 miles! I think I passed out because of all the stress of our trek and the eye strain watching for our guys!

But overall I'm so proud of Ryan for setting a tough goal and making it happen! His determination once he's set his sights always amazes me! I love this man and love to see him so happy with himself!!!