Sunday, November 4

One of the best toys ever!

A few weeks ago I did a garage sale with a friend who has watched my boys on many occasions. Easton loves her house so much I have a hard time even getting him to give me a hug or say goodbye! She had set aside this Thomas the Train puzzle for Easton because he loves to put it together at her house every time. This has been one of the best toys ever!!! I would love to find many, many more!

Easton needed help for the first day we had it out, but he literally spent two days straight working on it over and over til he had mastered it. He puts it together/takes it apart ect in at least three or four sessions a day still! And now McKay is in on the action. It's also been a kid magent for vistors - boys and girls alike! Easton's little friends love it on playdates and my Joy School preschool kids crowd around to work together on it! The three year olds amazingly work together well on this joint project w/ no need for mediation! HURRAY from the mommy crowd! And when they tear it apart in great shouts of celebration, it doesn't hurt when the pieces are thrown in the air like graduation caps! Who knew a puzzle could be so fun?!

Tonight I just had to get some pictures of the boys working on it together as they've now pretty well found their groove (after at least one reminder for McKay to help bring Easton pieces, and Easton to be patient with whatever piece is handed to him and say Thank you to his brother). Between this and now the trampoline, this is one happy mommy who gets to watch her boys becoming best buds playing together!