Friday, September 21

My guys

Haven't written the big and little stuff my guys are doing and I sent it recently to many family members in response to an email my dad had written. Thought it should go on the blog for any family I didn't send the email to. Sorry, my contacts list in Outlook is refusing to be linked to my emails and I wimp out all to often adding more people to the list.

Ryan’s preparing for his first marathon Nov 10th down in Richmond, VA. He’s doing a great job and I enjoy bragging about him! He admits he talks it up at work so that he’s held more accountable to more people. We’ve had to have some work done on our townhome to replace rotting wood on the exterior as mandated by our home owners association – ARGH!!! HOAs are of the devil, I’m convinced!!! Especially when you’re the neighborhood being picked on!

Easton is eager to have friends over to play or to go play at their house. It’s fun to see which friends bring out what personality traits in him. I’ve had to make him a clock out of a paper plate with movable hands so we can chat about when certain things will happen. Of utmost concern to him is when his favorite cartoon is on which is a new PBS one called “Super WHY” where the characters read and spell words in fairy tales and fables applying lessons learned to their own problem of the day.

McKay has begun his terrible twos and he’s not even 18 mos yet! ARGH!!! Case in point: I poured him and Easton some Cheerios for breakfast yesterday and when I poured the milk in his, McKay picked up his bowl and dumped it out while looking right at me. Then he proceeded to throw fistfuls on the floor. I had a horrible head cold and just looked at Ryan and said, ”I quit, I’m done.” It was more than I could handle that morning as I was also starting my diet. This morning when I poured McKay’s cereal, I poured too much into his bowl and poured the extra into Easton’s bowl. McKay freaked out and threw the bowl on the floor. ARGH!!! But today, I had a bit more reserves to deal with him in the moment.

Congrats Boo on the skydiving – LOVED the pictures and one will soon appear on our fridge of honor. Thanks for making Ryan want to take the plunge even more after talking to you. Grrr. And glad to hear there’s a fun boy to play with there in Bend! Yahoo!!! [for blog reader, it's not the tandem skydiving instructor]