Thursday, December 18

Sick Day = Christmas Break Preview

Anyone else wondering what they'll do with the kids home through the break? Our kids' break is three weeks long so I've started thinking of what we can do to not drive each other crazy in our close quarters. Christmas brings out my claustrophobia in this apartment because of all the decor and winter gear that must find homes in our already-maxed-out floor plan.

Last night McKay was up all night with a stomach bug so I kept him home from school today. And I didn't bother schlepping Morgan to/from school because she was so worn out yesterday from getting back to school this week after a bad cold she missed school for last week. That meant everyone but Ryan was home today. Good thing it wasn't errand running day and I'd had them do a good job on their chores yesterday!

By 9am, the kids were bored and begging for electronics. Noooooooo! That's my survival tool when I need it for them! We did some school worksheets I printed online and then they needed some projects. McKay loves to build stuff so we pulled out our recycle bin and he and Morgan went to town building castles while Easton did more school work.


Jake is loving having more playmates for the day!
Morgan and Jake planned and set a picnic lunch for everyone in their room.

All this buzzing around wore lil' Aliza out!

After lunch and castles got old, it was Perler beads and Pinterest to the rescue!

Morgan and Jake have this funny running thing of playing cat/dog and owner. Morgan made this "collar and leash" a couple months ago and it's survived quite well. Her school teacher said she has an uncanny knack for mimicking the mannerisms and sounds of animals and I heartily agree!

After perler beads, they migrated to the white boards and dry erase markers. I must confess this is not a typical day at our house by any means. We're not nearly this project oriented but as the kids get older, their toy bins inspire less of their attention. I have to up my game! I'm easily intimidated and overwhelmed and hands down outnumbered! I'm guessing by next Wednesday I'll be in countdown mode for when school begins again!

Because I'm actually blogging, I have to show this next one. Morgan likes to stage all her stuffed animals and other collections every single night before going to bed. I was a bit freaked out when I checked on her the other night before I headed to bed! Poor animals!

It was rather traumatic for me because one of my hamsters as a kid escaped from its cage and died this way. He'd gotten himself stuck under a dresser on the slide rail for a drawer which essentially looked like this. Sorry to give you that mental picture. Here's a fun one to counter it of our baby! Much better, eh?! I love her smiley twinkling eyes!

Aliza - 3 months
In spurts between keeping up with these rascals, I finished up teacher gifts (origami Christmas tree money bill on a card the kids wrote) while browsing . . .
  • The author of "The Calorie Myth" and his SANE Solutions podcast. Heard of it first on PowerofMoms podcast. Makes sense, just wished I liked eating more veggies!
  • 2015 planners - I bought the PassionPlanner after having printed and used its pages for the past three weeks. I prefer a Mon-Sun week view but I like the other spaces and priority prompts.
It's only 2pm and I'm plum worn out! I'm trying to hold out until 4:30 when I'll let them watch a movie while I get dinner going. We were supposed to go see the Hobbit tonight, Rats!