Sunday, October 6

Pumpkin Festival 2013

On a beautiful October day with autumn in the air, we took the kids to the Pumpkin Festival at Schloss Ludwigsburg.

These precious pictures capture elements I love in our family dynamic right now. Easton wishes he was home playing video games on his long weekend off school because he'd done everything asked of him, but oh how he loves sharing a gut laugh with his Dad. McKay's mischievous love of play finds an outlet in the straw fight. And he sure likes food with flavor - the only one to really enjoy trying all the pumpkin dishes! Morgan lives out loud loving and hating being alive moment to moment. Jakob dives into playing with the big kids and then retreats to regroup and be loved on. Ryan embraces his love of outings, great food, and big kid fun. He is a kid magnet! And there I was soaking it all up, much happier after having been fed - loving the pure joy everyone was experiencing. I love these people so very much!!!

Pumpkin eats - spaghetti, soup, strudel (with apple, raisins, cream and roasted sweet pumpkin seeds). YUM!!!
It was so great that the kids could play soccer right next to us while we ate.
Finding a table next to this little spot was a tender mercy on such a busy day! 

Brothers are the best of fr-enemies! 

Two favorites - his big blue eyes and delicious roasted pumpkin seeds!
There's three varieties - salty, sweet, or sweet chili. YUM! 
Ryan's a kid magnet! I'm so glad he loves being a big kid!

Lest you think it was all roses, there were real moments of impatience, whining, fighting - all the normal stuff that is family life. Life, it's always a mixed bag. As the brilliant writer over at Momastery so aptly wrote - Carpe Kairos! Seize the beautiful moments!