Saturday, October 19

McKay for Student Council speech

Video Link: McKay for Student Council

McKay's teacher sent me the following message:

"What a wonderful experience the elections have been! I love this part of the year! You really get to see a whole new side to some kiddos who are generally soft spoken.

"As you may know by now…McKay was elected our classroom rep.! He was very excited and stole the show with his red cape! (When I saw him pull the red cape out, I KNEW I had to record it!…and I DID!!"

I love this teacher, she loves her work and students and always seems to wear a smile. As I may have said before, when I asked him if he wanted to run, he gave me an exasperated "of course" look and said, "Yeah!" His teacher also told me he was the first to give his speech out of the seven students who were running. We're very proud of our brave kid!