Friday, March 29

The first morning of Spring Break!

What does spring break look like for you?

Today is our first day of spring break! Easton went in and played with Jake until they heard Ryan and me get up. The four of us snuggled and played in our bed until Morgan joined us. Jake does his own style of ninja imitation that totally cracks us up! He growls while rolling his arms in circles around themselves and then throws his arms in the air and says, "Hey!" He loves to do high fives and fist bumps too. He's such a little ham! When you're getting him something to eat or drink, he does a little man shuffle-happy dance. I've GOT to get it on camera!

Easton hurried and had his chores done by 8:30 this morning in hopes that the day was set for electronics time. He co-opted Morgan by inviting her to pick up with him. He and I have been having lots of little chats on how to be a good leader, to let others choose what they're going to clean up and encourage them rather than being bossy. It's hard, but it's fun to be learning it together.

McKay was too busy building a lego fighter jet and dressing in all black to be a ninja to even think of breakfast or chores.

When Easton came asking for electronics time, I said we'll do it from 1-3pm if chores are done. All this morning time can be used to be creative, to play, to build, to relax and just be a kid. He actually thought this was a good idea! Ha! So he started building a fort on his bed. Then Morgan wanted one too and whined and cried and bossed until I stopped to make one for her. So far, Easton has romped in the snow (yes, SNOW in almost April!), cleaned up the living room and play room and vacuumed, built his fort, played a few games of chess with McKay, and is now reading his Sonic comic books.

McKay has dabbled in cleaning his room, fought with Morgan over what her super powers can be, played himself in a game of chess, bounced and kicked a ball until I just couldn't tolerate it anymore, and is now inspecting Morgan's block building project. And now he's trying to teach her about chess. He loved watching "Searching for Bobby Fischer" last weekend!

Morgan has followed the boys around whining to be included then gone off and built her own little world of animals, cars, blocks and castle. She had to take a break to ask for a "freeze yogurt" = gogurt.

Jake has inspected the printer by poking and prodding every nook and cranny of it. Now he's climbed up into his high chair to figure out his seat belt from an unorthodox angle, but he's stuck. He's also made his inspection of the bathrooms whenever someone doesn't remember to turn off the lights and close the door. Grrr. Ditto with the kitchen and the stool - the gate to new heights and things to manipulate and destroy.

I started chores in the kitchen, trying to get the knack of this serious recycling sorting that is Germany's way of life. I started listening to more of a podcast discussion between a Bible scholar and a medieval scholar about Easter. I really love some of other Christian faiths' preparatory traditions for Easter and understanding where they come from. But then I got distracted by an email from a dear friend and just had to drop everything to email her back. I am still thinking a lot about the human drama of Christ's ability to love people where they are in a perfect way that draws them to the Divine. About their heartache at watching him suffer. About them preparing his body for the tomb. How the women came as early as they could after their Sabbath to continue preparing his body only to witness the angels and an empty tomb. To think of Mary in her grief then hearing the Savior say her name. I just love the human drama of this event. It is the greatest of all human dramas. For me, it's sacredness is only matched in my experiences giving birth and enjoying a newborn with Ryan. It's a great reason why I can't fathom being done having babies, it's just so miraculous to be a part of something so sacred. I'm dying to talk to my sister Brooks about the birth of her and John's son last weekend, little Scott Dean!

And it's only 10am. Time to get back to chores! My heads still swirling about a new eating plan Ryan and I are discussing for our family and our family history work on Ryan's German line. And Easter plans are still shaping up. And . . . no wonder my house never gets clean!