Thursday, March 14

Medieval Royal Cub Scout Blue & Gold Banquet

I was put in charge of the cub scout ward Blue & Gold banquet. Here's the collaborative invitation that turned out really!

We ate our meal with our hands medieval style with our hands - roasted chicken legs, potato wedges, rolls, fruit and veggie trays and dips with cupcakes at the end. The program consisted of the cub scouts singing "As Zion's Youth in Latter Days" standing behind the shields of faith they had painted in previous den meetings. That was followed by remarks about putting on the armor of God. Rank advancements were awarded, the service of leaders and volunteers were acknowledged. The regional scout representative pitched Friends of Scouting with a great story of how scouting has been a great home for her autistic son.

The four generation family tree kids and their families had to fill out to participate in the Knights' Tournament.
Courtesy of our talented Relief Society President, Heidi Strong! She printed it on golden parchment looking card stock. I am so in love with this!!!
Hands down, the kids' favorite part was the Knight's tournament. The scout leaders put together an elaborate obstacle course but the boys had to first submit their four generation family tree to "prove their royal lineage." You should have seen the boys' faces as they saw the final challenge - jousting! This course totally reminded me of my Dad doing this sort of thing for his scouts!