Friday, October 26

Swiss Rail Pass - Matterhorn to Lauterbrunnen

Just can't get enough of that view!

After breakfast, McKay was determined to have Ryan teach him how to play chess. 
He's a game player, that's for sure!
Unfortunately, we had to get to the train. What a ride!

 I loved these rustic slate rock roofs and logs! They're everywhere!

Family cars are the best way to travel!

And the gorgeous views of little towns and landscapes!


A crazy conjoined M&M! 
A great diversion to the kids as we traveled most the day.

Finally we arrived in Lauterbrunnen of the Interlaken Jungfrau mountain range, famous for it's valley of 72 waterfalls. Towering cliffs on each side of this rolling, mostly flat green valley. So beautiful! We've been through here a few years ago to stay in the cliffside villages of Gimmelwald and Murren.

Here's where we stayed, up there in the attic rooms actually.

The view from our window, loved it!

We stashed our stuff and then started our 2+ mile walk to Trummelbach Falls. 
We were a bit anxious to get there before it closed, so it wasn't a peaceful ramble 
as much as we tried, and would have liked it to be.

McKay loved the time of freedom in the great outdoors.
Morgan was in tears of sheer exhaustion. 
Easton was convinced we were set on torturing him.
But Ryan and I were determined to get us there! And it was worth it!

Autumn in Switzerland is just as beautiful as any place on earth with fall foliage!

Oh how I love this sweet kid!!!

As much as I loved the feast of sights this day, perhaps my favorite time was spent at the bedside of the kids. I thought I'd wear them down with a boring tale of Swiss history but an hour and a half later, the boys were wide awake with more questions, begging for more stories. Before the trip, I'd downloaded a graphic novel of the legend of William Tell and Easton had browsed it. I made him retell it and I filled in bits to give them context. I love history! The 1500s ushered in such a momentous era of Enlightenment and I shared some of my favorites along the way - Christopher Columbus' discovery of America, the Gutenberg press, the Reformation, then the counter-reformation, the American revolution, and the Restoration. Switzerland has a distinguished place in all of this, a cherished fierce determination to be free. And the boys, they're still asking for more stories! So much fun!