Tuesday, October 2

Ryan's Birthday!

Oh how I love my husband! And I was so excited about my ideas to celebrate his birthday and how it played out! Ryan loves to be celebrated and I must say that Pinterest is a godsend!

It all started with a card I found months ago about how if it were up to me his birthday would be declared a national holiday.

Ryan's birthday fell on a regular Tuesday work day but this was great for my plan! I found little things to wrap up so he could open one each waking hour commemorating the hour of his birth. I hear his coworkers got a kick out of joining in the fun too which was just what I wanted! He really has been blessed with some great people there! 

For the ones he would open at work, I put them in a basket for him to tote to the office. Here's the 8-5 loot!

And the gift list:

7:05am - Powdered donuts for breakfast.
8:05 - A card that told him to check his email. I'd videoed the kids singing him Happy Birthday!
9:05 - A new framed picture of our family - his biggest fans - for his office.
10:05 - Muddy Buddies Chex mix - to celebrate all the yummy treats Ryan makes us!
11:05 - An itunes gift card because we love how his whistling and boisterous singing make our home happy!
12:05pm - His favorite sweet/salty roasted pecans I made. YUM!
1:05 - MadLibs to do with his coworkers or to bring home and do with Easton who laughs hysterically at them!
2:05 - A pack of gum because if you know Ryan, he must have gum!
3:05 - An Almond Joy bar because he's sweet, nutty, and brings me JOY!
4:05 - Deal Monopoly card game. We have a fun joke about when we found a tshirt this summer that said, "I'm kinda a big deal," apparently a great line from the Will Farrel movie Anchorman.
5:05 - Another card telling him to check his email for a video of the kids singing "I'm so glad when Daddy comes home!"
6:05 - We ate his requested BBQ chicken pizza which I bombed, but I tried. It's real good when I do it right!
7:05 - Ryan let me try a new cake on him. My friend Lara had made this caramel flan bundt cake last spring for a Relief Society meeting and I LOVED it! I knew Ryan would like it too so I've been saving it for his birthday. Turned out real pretty too and is super easy!

8:05 - A small iPod speaker/charger station for his bedside table so he can enjoy his music and podcasts.
9:05 - A bottle of stress relief massage oil for a good ol' back rub we never got around to because I was pooped! We'll get to it.
10:05 - New huge pillows for the bed since he loves to prop himself up in there for some quiet down time.

I loved getting emails from Ryan throughout the day after he'd open his gifts. It really did feel like a day long celebration! We sure do love him!!! He's such a good dad, great husband, and all around fabulous guy! Happy 38th my Cute Boy!

We had a fun chat with Ryan's mom this past Sunday for her birthday. We joked about how SHE should have been the one to get presents for each hour of Ryan's birthday! Wouldn't it be awesome if mom's were given gifts on their kids' birthdays?! I guess we'll have to be content with Mother's Day!