Tuesday, June 19

Jake's Stand

Jake is ready to walk! Last night I saw him stand up unassisted and take a step. It was so exciting! Ryan's been eager to get Jake walking because he doesn't want it to happen while I'm in the States for a month visiting my family without him.

Then today I was moving furniture around while vacuuming and apparently all that open space inspired Jake to stretch his legs! I looked over and he was in the center of the room just standing there like this. He's been pulling up on stuff for a few months now but today he is determined to stand up on his own.

I cheered, he got excited and he fell. I ran and got the camera and he put on a show for a good ten minutes going from his bottom to the frog to standing. He became quite giddy and began falling over with flair. Oh how he loves an adoring, cheering audience! Jake even took two steps when he wanted to chase after Morgan who went behind a chair to play their favorite peek-a-boo game.

It's a good thing my baby still looks like a baby. Why are they all so determined to grow up so fast?!