Wednesday, May 30

McKay's Birthday Party

Our Baby K is growing up fast and is now 6 years old! He is loving school, all things Lego, Ninjago, and BeyBlades. He's a great big brother to Morgan and Jake and enjoys being included in Easton's circle at school too. He just loves to play! McKay is a very likable kid and we love having him in our family! 

Our favorite McKay story lately is from Easter. We did an egg hunt with the cousins and the kids made a good haul. The following morning by the time I got up, McKay had somehow talked everyone else out of their remaining candy! When I asked Lizzie why she gave him her candy, she said he'd told her what kinds she didn't like. ?!?!?! McKay doesn't even really have a real sweet tooth! He does, however, know how to use things others want to get what he wants -- favorite seat in the van, first turn playing video games, first turn picking a cartoon and so on. Mr. Smartypants, we've got our eye on you! I suspect there was some bargaining going on where McKay was promising invites to his birthday party but no one ever 'fessed up to it.

McKay's birthday fell during the Easter Spring Break and many of his friends were traveling but he has been dying to have a party with his buddies from school. He's actually never had a party with friends before and he's got a nice set so we went ahead. When asked what he wanted for a party, the list included the following:
- Sonic the Hedgehog theme
- Scavenger hunt ending with a piñata
- Party blow whistles
- Cake
- Balloons on his chair

We were able to deliver on all but the last one, I blame sheer exhaustion induced memory loss (late nights repainting the main room and Jake thinking 4:30 is an acceptable time to wake up lately). We had a beautifully sunny day and a fun bunch of kids. The party games utilized Easton's expertise in all things Sonic and he took his consultant status very seriously.

Sonic Challenges
Sonic Speed race

Cutting Air
(standing long jump)

No chili dogs here, they saw how many marshmallows they could eat in a minute.

Can you eat a donut off a string without hands? 

Watermelon rocks on a hot day!

 Sonic Challenge Course
Spin, run, climb through a tunnel, and shoot a goal

Scavenger hunt for the Chaos Emeralds to defeat Dr. Eggman's piñata.

 Time for cake!

 BeyBlade tournament time with his new double launcher!

The birthday boy was in heaven surrounded by his friends. I got my nap afterward, Ryan picked up Indian takeout, and we all relaxed for the evening.