Monday, February 20

The haircut

Last fall I seriously debated having Morgan's hair cut into a cute bob. Well, when I watched a couple extra kids for a week, they took care of it for me!

The Story
I had put the two girls to bed at 7:00 and headed back downstairs. Every once in awhile I heard them playing and would check on them or holler up for them to get in bed and no more talking. Finally, I didn't hear them anymore. But then around 9:30 I heard a series of romping or door closings that made me suspicious and I headed upstairs. I found them in the bathroom behind the door with Afton in the act of chopping off Morgan's hair. There were clumps of hair in the sink they'd tried to wash down the drain. Lots of hair on the floor. I was tired and speechless. All I was able to utter was quiet and real low toned, but deadly serious,"Give me the scissors. Get in bed. And do not get up again." They fled in fear for their lives, I'm sure!


Morgan's little friend, Afton (3 1/2), actually seemed to know what she was doing. She appears to have been trying to give Morgan the bob cut she herself had. First she cut bangs and was on her way with the bob.

Afton had first cut her own hair before doing Morgan's and when asked why, she told her mom that her bangs were in her eyes. Ha! She had these adorable little angel curls about her ears that were now gone and her bangs were much, much shorter and a bit more jagged than before. But no clips close to the scalp on either of them. I tell ya, the girl has a future!

After the fix

A friend from church is a stylist and makes house calls! Phew! She came over Friday after I got the boys from school. She was able to work her magic while I had all mine plus the two extra kids swirling about the room. Still some chunks that will have to grow out but I can clip them back until everything evens out. She's a cutie!

You better believe the bedtime routine had me more vigilant after this episode! The rest of the week had me sitting right outside their door until they were asleep. My threat was "You talk, I close." As in, I close the door and you're in the dark. Worked wonders! Each peep and I'd close the door a couple inches. Didn't take them long to figure out I was serious. They were out within 20 minutes each time!