Tuesday, December 6

Christmas Markets: Augsburg & Ulm

Before we left the cousins' house, Lizzie had to get in some more baby time after letting me braid her thick pretty hair. I love Lizzie in braids and hope Morgan will let me keep braiding hers as she gets older. Lizzie just couldn't get enough of Jake this weekend and took every chance she could to play with him or hold him. So sweet!

We made a couple stops on the way home from Munich to see more Christmas markets. After all the yummy foods at the Munich Christmas market, the kids were pretty excited to try some more.

- Augsburg Christmas Market -
This is a cute smaller market with lots of great food! We didn't get to browse the options very long because the kids were hungry and impatient. They wanted hot chocolate and donuts as soon as they saw them. Ryan and I tried this dumpling in a vanilla sauce sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. Yum!

I got a kick out of seeing all these cute faces lost behind a mug. Good stuff!

Morgan and McKay were dying for a hotdog so we got a couple different kinds to share. While we ate and roamed, an Alp horn ensemble decked out in their winter garb started their show. Some pretty young ladies dressed as angels posed for a photo op while representing Augsburg's famous angel performers. Each weekend evening, these angels put on a musical performance from the windows of the buildings that ring the town square.

- ULM Christmas Market -
The Ulm Minster, the tallest church tower in the world, is the backdrop for this festive market.
The kids loved the merry-go-rounds and we're suckers for those happy grins!

Any guesses what sweet treat they can't take their expectant eyes off?

Cotton candy bigger than their head! Have you ever stood in a line or que in Germany? It's an experience! You have to be assertive and vigilant or you'll never make it to the front of the line. It was a tad exhausting keeping the boys moving forward and giving a stern look to those who would take advantage of my little men. But ah, the sweet reward in the end!

Ulm has these life size nativities with live animals which the kids loved.

Apparently famous, the Steiff teddy bear factory is not far from Ulm and it was Morgan's favorite display. She would have watched the robotic stuffed toys forever! Perhaps you can see my three in the center window?

Jake was a trooper the full day. As long as he got to eat before we got on the road each time, he was good! Ryan and I were just happy to have spent some fun time with the kids enjoying the best time of the year.