Sunday, November 6


Another fun Halloween! With three events to attend, I had fun letting Morgan choose her favorites from the costume box or talking her into what I wanted her to be! Such a fun age for this silly holiday! The boys sure loved all the candy!

The first event was McKay's "Early Learning Center" class party at the international school. They held a costume party on Friday before Halloween because of Fall Break. Once the kids donned their costumes after lunch break, they did a fashion show followed by spooking the rest of the classes in the building. It was so fun seeing them run together in a pack from room to room! A couple of us parents ran a few games, activities, and the food spread. Morgan sure loved being a part of McKay's class and he seemed proud to show her the ropes.

Morgan the bumble bee, McKay as a "pirate skeleton."

We got home and Ryan was ready to carve pumpkins. I was a bit worn out so I don't have pictures of Easton designing and carving his own pumpkin for the first time. We were so proud and so was he! McKay did a bit of his own too but left it to Dad to finish up. Morgan just tried to keep up with them as always but then bossed Dad around as he made her scary pumpkin.

On Saturday our ward held a Trunk-or-Treat activity that was really fun. Our ward just keeps on growing and we really enjoy all these new families! When we moved in the ward had about 150 people and now it's up around 250 I heard recently. This time Morgan wore part of her dirndl to be Dorothy from Wizard of Oz. So adorable! She loved it since we'd just introduced the kids to the classic flick a week earlier. I love that I didn't have to buy a single thing for this one this year!

Easton had originally wanted to be Sonic the Hedgehog but I told him I wasn't going to be able to make that one but that I could do Mario and he thought that was cool enough. It turned out real well I think and I knew my old overalls would come in handy some day! I only had to buy the red shirt and some colored felt for the hat and buttons. In most pictures, Easton is pressing his lips to hide his mouth while trying to smile because he said you can't see Mario's mouth, just his mustache. Funny boy!

McKay had wanted to be a pirate but I didn't gather things in time and the kids lost the eye patch in their building excitement over costumes. Luckily he liked a costume in our box! So he said he was the "pirate skeleton" because of the red dagger. He loved having his face painted.

Just about every time we're getting ready to head somewhere, the kids are kept waiting for me. They often head outside to play and often end up on the trampoline. Meanwhile I'm gathering last minute items to get us out the door and hoping no one starts a fight or gets hurt so I can finish uninterrupted and we can go. That's why I love this next shot!

And last but not least, we went Trick-or-Treating on Halloween night on Patch Barracks. Morgan's the only one with a costume change - a black cat again! We met up with Ryan after work and the kids only lasted an hour - it was great!

Can you spot me and the kids in this next one?

Morgan had to inspect each piece she was given and show it to us. Her little dress was just too cute on her as she skipped along keeping up with the boys. She did NOT like people in masks. She called them scary bad guys, but she would still take their candy - just held out her basket as far as she could so she didn't have to be near or look at them. So adorable!

We ran into Easton's best buddy from school - Anthony Frikken and his wonderful family. So fun to trick-or-treat with them for a bit! I love going on base because you run into friends right and left!

Morgan loved this big screen showing of "Wizard of Oz",
kept saying, "Mom! It Wee'Oz wi' Dorfy!"
Back at home while the kids sorted out their loot and chowed down on favorites . . .

I caught Ryan and our little man chatting about the evening's adventures.

Happy Halloween!