Sunday, October 16

Morgan is 3

My fairest little baby is growing up.

This little blue-eyed blondie is excited to be getting big!
When asked how old she is now, she declared, "16!"

When asked how he'd describe Morgan, Ryan said, "She is large and in charge!"

Dr. Grumbach, our local German pediatrician adeptly surmised last year, "She's not the biggest, so she's got to be the loudest!" I quote him often!

Her Favorite Foods:
Peanuts, rice cakes, yogurt, cheddar cheese, sour cream (on its own, everything else is a mere vehicle to deliver), whole wheat bagels with strawberry cream cheese, frosting but not really cake, and popcorn.

Her Favorite Activities:
Playing with "my boys" or girlfriends, jumping on the trampoline with them, snuggling and being tickled and thrown around by Mom or Dad, brushing teeth like the big kids and an electric toothbrush, being read to, counting (2, 9, 10 = 1, 2, 3 to her), singing songs at the top of her lungs, bossing her toys around, having her nails painted, and now potty training - she's in it for the treats!

Her actual birthday was a bit of a crazy day so we celebrated a day later. I wrapped her gifts and Ryan and I collaborated on her cake as the kids swirled around us. Morgan was so excited for her "birttay cake" and "p'esents". We invited our neighbors, the Blauchs, over to join us for her cake and presents which she thought was great! I loved hearing Morgan sing Happy Birthday with us.

McKay's favorite thing about Morgan on her birthday was "She blowed the candles out all by herself without me." I definitely saw a crosswind from his direction as she blew them out, but it sure was fun to see this little miss sunshine so excited about the celebration in her honor!

After cake and presents, she and Sophie jumped on the trampoline as giggly girls. When the boys joined, it just got louder. Easton's favorite thing about Morgan is that, "She plays fun!" Especially on the trampoline. He likes to make up little games kinda like Simon Says as they hop around. The rest of the kids love how he mixes it up.

Morgan's gift to us - staying dry with no accidents and much less reminding today!!! YAHOO!!!