Sunday, July 10

Provençal Pool Fun

We just spent a week with the cousins at a secluded villa on a vineyard with a pool in the southeastern part of France called Provence. You know Ryan loves an area when he stops to look at all the realtor office posting boards! I'm tempted to list the things I love about the area but I want to get some pics of the kids up first, mostly for the Grands.

I'll start with what we did together the most -- hang out at the pool! Actually, if you logged actual time, the kids probably had more Nintendo DS time than pool time, but if the parentals wanted peace and quiet to read and nap - that's the way it was. The daytime heat hovered in the mid to upper 80s each day which made the water temp of the pool rate from a little chilly to very refreshing. I loved lounging under an umbrella kept cool with a constant breeze while listening to a combination of the kids playing and raucous cicadas chirping. It was even better when I didn't have to be watching the kids and I got to steal a nap there in my chair!

This is a mix of all the days I had some sort of camera with me at the pool. Pool fun was made possible by variations of plastic and foam toys. Many did not survive the experience! Ready for some pictures? First off, my favorite cast of characters:

McKay cracked us up in his pool garb, but he loved the freedom to go wherever in the pool he wanted to go! Goggles were new to his pool attire and between them and wearing his hats low, those ears just kill us!Morgan spent most of her pool time on the sides watching or being a part of the action. I think the water was a little cold to her liking and not having a big shallow baby area cramped her independent style. She loved running up and down the lengths of the pool, making us nervous! But she had to be in the middle of it all!

McKay would have done this all day if Ryan had been up for it! And that's not to mention, Easton, Lizzie and Miles too!

I believe this sucker pop lasted McKay a few days. He's our candy saver/stockpiler and often ends up giving them away. But to have a cool lollipop is to be truly happy for a kid!

Morgan liked to take a breather like the adults with her collection of odd pool toys around her.

Morgan LOVES playing motorboat!

Morgan and Miles also loved squirting Camilla with these pump sprayers and then they'd run off to refill and get her again and again. Camilla is such a good sport with the little ones!

Partners in crime!
The little kids always requested cannon balls and would congregate nearby to witness the splash.
McKay found some shades and I took these pictures in a minute's time. Classic McKay!

Nothing like a hunk of fresh baguette poolside in the morning!

Rand was so fun for the younger kids. He's always thinking of fun things to do like when he spent an hour with McKay trying out different ways to jump into the pool. First, cannon balls - sort of.

Then a demo of stiff-as-a-board-falling-forward.

And then classic boy battle themes.

Add the shields and swords now.

Morgan and Miles thought that looked like fun!

Until it wasn't any more. Run for it, Morgan! He's gonna catch you!

Two peas in a pod, usually playing some sort of Airbender imaginary game.