Saturday, July 16

But This is France!

Young kids are always eager to figure out who's in charge and test boundaries. It's universal. So it came as no surprise that when we vacationed with the cousins, the little ones weren't quite sure who was in charge since both sets of parentals were around. Easton and Lizzie scientifically figured it came down to who was oldest and they discussed it many times. Lizzie was quite proud that her parents were older and it was pretty cute. However, our favorite saying/inside joke that emerged from the trip came courtesy of my nephew, Miles, who is 4.

He was playing in the living room on our side of the villa and Ryan told him to stop doing something.

Miles tested out, "You're not the boss of me!"

Ryan rebutted saying he was indeed the boss of him and that Miles needed to stop what he was doing.

After a short contemplative pause, Miles replied incredulously, "But . . . but, this is FRANCE!"

It was confusing - he wasn't at his house and he wasn't at our house! What a conundrum! Ryan likes to holler, "Vive la France!" anytime we laugh over the incident.