Monday, June 20


Upon returning from our trip to Ireland with Easton, we picked up Morgan and McKay at the cousins' and enjoyed an evening at Edelweiss Lodge with the promise of great weather the following day. We love these alpine slides - a summer rite of passage when in Bavaria! I didn't ride, but was the honorary photographer obviously. I've already posted these pictures on Facebook, but gotta have them here too - the more official family record.

Here's Ryan and Easton showing us how it's done!

I think McKay liked it. Just maybe a little!

I wondered about Morgan, but she came off the first ride skipping and hopping asking for another ride despite this face and white knuckle grip on Ryan's knees.

And her second ride - the forced grin says, "See, I'm having fun!" Still white knuckle - but she's developing a love for speed!

In fact, the following day the kids were asking to ride their bikes down the hill and into the cul de sac on our road out front. For the first time, I let Morgan ride her big wheel-like tricycle on the road with the boys because I could tell she wouldn't take no for an answer. She was a speed demon and neighbors came out to see her since they heard her high forced laugh as she sped down each time. After the second time down, I made the boys go get me one more helmet for her - I'd never seen her ride with such abandon! She was the happiest girl in the world for that hour!

They truly are best friends and it makes me so happy!

Look at that face, I could just eat her up!

Nothing can deter this boy when an un-interrupted chance to play video games presents itself! This is soooo Easton with the DS and I have many pictures of McKay totally passed out on any given car ride.