Sunday, May 22

Guten Wochenende!

What a nice, beautiful Saturday we had!

Ryan's had his car in the shop most of this week so we've all had to be out the door early to get everyone where they needed to be. It was so great to enjoy leisurely sleeping in before heading to McKay's last t-ball game of the season.

He always pulls his hat down and makes his ears stick out, it's so adorable!
This kid loves being in a uniform!

McKay enjoyed trying t-ball this spring. He had a nice coach who would play tag with the kids on the playground after practice. There were 14 kids on his team and each game consisted of two innings where everyone got to hit once. In the field, McKay always ended up scooting up near the pitcher's mound to be able to scramble after the ball. He liked playing in the dirt but didn't like all the standing around with direct sun beating down on him. These little kids are just too cute to watch but I will not miss a few smokin' screaming parents that henpecked their lil' boys. Yikes!

Easton endured the games, today enjoying a free comic book from the library.
This boy loves to read anywhere, anytime!

Morgan liked shelling peanuts and getting some lovin' from her Daddy!
She's such a tease!

We headed home for some lunch and I took a nice long nap. Oh I love a good Saturday nap! A thunderstorm blew in and when I woke up it was a gorgeous sunny evening. Ryan proposed we head to a simple little Italian beirgarten nearby and it was great to eat outside and let the kids play. They played tag, sat and watched birds, and enjoyed some fun Ring-Around-the-Rosies.

Bird watching.

It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt, right?

Ryan had the chance to hit the road with some buddies this weekend but decided on a day with his munchkins instead. I love, love, love this man! A friend's kid at church today asked his mom if Brother Carter got old! She was puzzled until she saw Ryan's new beard he grew while we were in Greece. We're going with "distinguised," not "old"! Look at that young flawless, sun-kissed skin and salt-n-pepper hair. I'm so lucky!

P.S. We've recently heard it looks pretty certain we're here for at least another year with Ryan's contract. YAHOO! I'm soooo glad I won't be moving right after having a baby again!