Monday, November 29

Go Luke, GO!

{Thank you}

That's him in red on the left, #56! Sorry poor white #2, you're goin' down!

My brother's high school football team is heading to the State Championship game this week! How exciting is that?! My folks say they've got a good shot at winning with a good coach and great depth as a team.

{And thanks again,}

I so wish I could be there in his cheering section! But I'll have to leave that to the professionals, like my sister Abby here in all her curly, enviable ringlet accessorized glory! Go Kamiakin Braves! Watch out Bellevue! The Bares are comin' to town!

Here's a picture of the big guy without the helmut. Not so menacing holding a baby is he?! Look at that handsome guy! And that's my cute sister Lorry and her pink bundle of joy, Katelyn, in Luke's hulking arms. (Apparently Luke's discovered two things the chicks dig -- guys with puppies and guys holding babies!) Watch out world!