Thursday, October 14

Our Birthday Girl

Time to party! Right guys?!

While dinner was being cleared and the cake finished, Morgan asked E's'on to give her some pointers with the controller. She tries so hard to keep up with everything her big brothers can do! Easton is so good with her.

And then it was birthday time!

And a little serenade from her daddy . . .

This series below captures her spot in the family. The daughter, the princess, the sister, the tease - she's an integral part of our family and we love her to pieces! Eating cake is a group activity.

And this last one puts grins on our faces!

Ryan likes to remind us of how his mom poured fudge or some other sweet concoctions down their throats and they loved it! I'm not sure if it was a one time thing or what, but Ryan sure loves to share the memory and the joy! Easton got a huge tummy ache after this - total sugar rush!