Sunday, August 1

August on the Autobahn

As we drove to Salzburg, it was hard not to notice this wasn't the usual traffic we were used to. It was the first Saturday of August. Oh wait! August is when European countries go on vacation! Bleh. Obviously heavier traffic makes flying down the autobahn in our minivan less remarkable. Bleh.

We were surprised at how completely packed pit stops there were! They were filled with picnic'rs and horrific long lines outside the women's bathroom. It was as if the pit stop was a planned destination! Perhaps it's taboo to eat in their cars? Granted it was lunch time when we saw the bulk of the stops filled to the brim, but it was just so odd to see it sooo full! I wish I snapped pictures. I did see plenty of drivers snacking away stopped in traffic.

Another sure sign that Europe is on vacation is that the right lane is filled with all types of vehicles pulling a trailer, camper and more often than not - BIKES! I remember a few times I counted how many vehicles in front of us had bikes and/or trailer/campers. It was always about half and half! I have never seen so many camper variations in my life as you see here! It's fascinating! Perhaps we'll rent one for a road trip some time although I'm quite partial to the vrbos.