Tuesday, July 6


Back in April, we thought we'd take the kids to Legoland to celebrate McKay's 4th birthday. It was too cold and we had family in town. We made our way there yesterday and so did many Americans enjoying a long Independence Day weekend.

The park was perfect for Easton, but McKay was just a little too short for most of the good rides. One of my favorite moments was when he and I got on a ride he was barely tall enough for. The ride operator made us get out and check McKay's height. McKay stood facing the Lego heigh marker and swept his hand over his head and UP WAY OVER the Lego marker. The people watching began cheering for him as they chuckled! McKay was then mortified to tears when the operator made him stand with his back against the post to check his height. Thankfully he passed and the crowd again cheered as he wiped away his tears and grinned climbing into the roller coaster.

When McKay did go on size appropriate rides, this was his general attitude: Ho-hum. He was too cool to even acknowledge my presence taking the picture.

I loved the looks of concentration when the boys got to maneuver themselves in cars, trains, and the boats.

In his eagerness, Easton put the safety vest on upside down so it ended up resembling a big ol' scarf. These cars sure were slow, but the boys seemed to enjoy it - or at least the Lego drivers license given as they exited the ride! That license was a big hit around here! Ryan had to finally explain why they can't drive our cars from now on.

And lest we forget the biggest kid, Ryan is all about the rides! Whenever I thought it would be fun to try something else, he would remind me that we needed to fit in as many rides as we could. If you can't see Ryan's full expression here, please click on the picture, it's a classic. McKay is "helping" here, but I'm not so sure he got much more than wet. Can you even see him in there with Ryan? Easton's in his own "hovercraft boat" to the left of Ryan.

Ryan did make an exception to his rides only rule: the 4-D movie theater. The kids loved the 20 minute "Clutch Powers" 4-D Lego cartoon complete with wind and water crowd effects. Easton was laughing his head off in parts and really loved grabbing at objects. The boys loved wearing their special 4-D glasses.

Can you tell which of these kids was done for the day? Morgan stole my cone and wouldn't give it back so I had to take her shirt. She won with her banshee screams. She hadn't forgiven me when I took this picture. A white shirt and chocolate is not my favorite combo. I already had my work cut out for me with her Swedish fish drool.

It was a fun family day but we won't be season pass holders. Ryan needs bigger rides, the boys enjoyed it but aren't begging for the return trip and Morgan's just not old enough to enjoy taking.

Favorite parts of the day: Boys laughing their heads off on rides, the movie and then the bath afterward.

Worst part of the day: Morgan losing her mangy blanket and having to endure her screaming herself to sleep on the ride home. We'll see who's still standing at the end of this week to tell the tale of separation. It's been a bumpy ride today.