Sunday, July 25

Bayeux Buddies

A beautiful town, Bayeux is! Spared WWII bombing because the town made sure London knew it wasn't a German stronghold, it was the first village liberated, only 6 miles in from the beaches. On our way there, we loved the meandering drive through the rolling countryside of infamous high hedgerows, cows, corn and wheat fields, looming manors and ch√Ęteaus to be met with this gorgeous church. Allies flags were posted and hung everywhere in gratitude of the liberators.

I can never get over how old these places are! The site of this church is well over 1000 years old and famous for an amazing old tapestry we saw later in the week commemorating the 1066 Battle of Hastings when William of Normandy became the Conquerer of England. I enjoyed hearing Ryan school Easton in who Peter was and why he carries the keys in every sculpture we see.

The nature of our sightseeing keeps changing based on our mobility. Morgan now prefers to walk as much as possible, McKay to ride in the stroller curled up with his thumb, while Easton begs to ride but is too heavy. I really loved seeing my crew walking these old streets together. Isn't it fun to watch your family's body movement? So much of their personalities is in their stride and how they carry themselves. Morgan has a new run, arms bent like she's going to really pump 'em to move fast and she does! She means business! McKay keeps telling me he is faster than cars and also loves to use those arms. Easton prefers to whip through the air like Sonic or Mario, but when in his own thoughts he'll tiptoe and flail while singing or telling himself a story. Oh I love them!

After viewing the cathedral, McKay made himself comfortable on a courtyard curb and assumed his position.

He also does this every Sunday in Primary except when it's time to sing and the Presidency swoon. Who doesn't for those adorable, tired Sunbeams?! He's very serious about winning the Singing Star each week and hates that everyone gets a turn to get the treat from the bishop for singing.

And then Morgan arrives on the scene and had to do what she does best . . . harass her favorite target.

McKay tried to simply ignore her and moved away but she followed wherever he went until he howled. McKay got a respite because Easton took her on. I tell ya, each kid adds to the craziness but it sure is nice to see them enjoying each other building friendships! The more the merrier so far!

Next stop . . . the beach at Port Winston at Arromanches!