Wednesday, June 9

Morgan's Sweet Spot

Chillin' in her stroller with her afternoon snack - cheddar cheese bites, Nilla wafers and strawberries. Some of that was self-served since she can now move and climb up the kitchen step ladder.

This little gal loves to be outside in the backyard tooling around on her own. I love that she has the freedom to do so while we live here! I didn't have that option with the boys at this age and it is GOLDEN.

The stroller has provided many hours of entertainment for her. It's her personal jungle gym. She climbs up into it and then selects where she wants to sit - front or back. She stores things underneath for safe keeping. She takes her snacks and lunch here when allowed. It is her happy place which means it's mine too!

As everyone knows, there's always a drawback. That would be the number of household items that get taken and left outside and vice versa. Yesterday, she took a cookie beater out there without me realizing it. She found it today and started in on it again to my horror. I knew it must be crawling with ants and it was. YUCK! Just gives me the heebie geebies thinking about it! I was pulling a few ants out of her hair even. Aaack!

This morning Morgan also took one of the near empty cereal boxes from the kitchen table and dumped the contents on the patio. We've enjoyed watching the skittish birds eating away at it, but Morgan's a little upset they don't stick around when she moves their way. She also tries daily to sneak her blanket out there. Oh that horrid blanket that was once so nice and white.

Ah well, it's great to have an inquisitive independent gal loving the outdoors!