Wednesday, June 30

Homefront latests

The boys love sleeping in the tent in the yard and summer weather has finally arrived! Ryan hung a flashlight from the top inside the tent and the boys were happy campers! It's much better this year for me because I feel like they're very safe in our yard so I don't need to sleep on a mattress in the living room.

Morgan loved jumping in and out before bedtime. Her and McKay would back up as far as they could and then sprint to the tent and dive into the sleeping bags. It was hilarious and they were laughing their heads off together!

The second night out there were plenty of bugs inside since the flap hadn't always been zipped up. So we rolled up some newspapers and let the boys whack away at the bugs in their tent. They both alternated between bravery and scared pansy depending on the critter. They had quite the time and wore themselves out, sleeping in past 7:30! AWESOME!!! I may just unzip that tent myself next time!

We took the kids on base to see Toy Story III Monday night. Great movie, crazy sell out crowd since it was the last night of it's three day run. I live in such a bubble! McKay turned heads as he wore his "Indiana Jones" hat. People thought he wore it to look like Woody, but when they commented to him how cute he was to wear his Woody hat, he was quick to remind them it was his 'n'iana Jones hat! The boys had simply been in a hat wearing mood and Easton found the ball cap first leaving McKay with Indiana Jones or a pirate hat. It was no contest.

Today when I asked the boys to get dressed, they became super heros. A caped Incredible and the red Power Ranger. As we ran errands on base, people got a kick out of them but they didn't know how to react to complete strangers getting in their faces. The outfits were mere outfits to them by that time. They were done being in character and didn't like attention being drawn to them. That is, until it was discovered that the nice red cape flew real nice down long grocery aisles! Just what I needed with a Morgan melt down in aisle 3 of 8. The boys are still stumped over why they didn't get to pick a treat.

At church, I get to be in Junior Primary now with the boys because I've been reassigned to be the pianist since my entire class is gone for the summer. It's so fun to hear those little kids belt out songs and even more fun to watch my own kids and get their random hugs, sometimes mid-song!

McKay gave his first Primary talk this past Sunday about how "The Holy Ghost guides and protects us." We told the story about Ryan losing his wedding ring in the snow and the missionary praying to help to find it. McKay is so darn cute! Afterward, the leaders had him hand out the "mail" assignments for next week's talk, scripture, and prayers. In a nice, clear confident voice, he hollered, "Wic-toe-wee-ah Swie-bew" [Victoria Schreiber].

His pronunciation as he called out the names had all the adults in the room swooning and giggling. When two of his friends got assignments, he just yelled their first name and walked their slips to them like he was pleased to hand them some community award. This kid kills me with his cuteness! His tantrums, on the other hand . . .

Morgan is a bit traumatized by being left with caretakers while Ryan and I traveled this past month. If we pull up to the cousin's house, she automatically thinks we're leaving her there. If we are among friends or strangers, she does not let me out of her sight. Many have asked what happened when they hear her high decibel shriek. I moved, is the simple answer.

At home she's rather clingy, but it's more out of sense of duty to help I believe. Dishes, laundry, picking up, and my personal least favorite - the bathroom. If I don't let her in with me, she screams the entire time behind the door. She wants to personally close the door, hand me toilet paper and have her hands washed too. Sorry if that's TMI, but I know I'm not the only mom who's had this much fun!

Morgan often refuses to annunciate words. It's so frustrating. Please, sorry, thank you, more, cereal, water, milk, cracker, and up are merely grunts or "nuh". I know she can annunciate because she does for other stuff like all done, bath and a few others of her choosing. She meets all the other milestones for her age in communicating, but she's so stubborn about even trying. She even gives me a bored look each time I try to practice a word with her. Singing action songs seems to be my best option here. She tries to say the most words when we sing.

Her latest happy place, a table just her size for snacking, climbing,
and teasing her brothers from great heights!