Monday, April 12

My Running Man

Remember the posts on Nurnberg? Well, that trip was actually because Ryan was running a half-marathon in Prague, Czech Republic. I gotta get this in before we head on a whirlwind tour with my parents this weekend!

We really love Prague's medieval feel and their Mexican restaurant! No kidding, best Mexican food we've had in Europe! Happy faces from great sites and full bellies!

I loved the hotel Ryan found for us! Last time we stayed at the Hilton, but this time we were at the Grand Hotel Bohemia, just a couple blocks from the main square! Large, high ceilinged room that smelled better than any hotel I've ever been in. It also included a nice breakfast buffet and I'm a sucker for those. Meals without kids are generally more enjoyable, but breakfast this way is such a great way to start the day! That's vacation to me! I'm easy! Just a few blocks from our door, we head to Old Town Square.

The Easter festival market was in full swing in the square.

Next a boring sign, but it's for the record. Different exchange offices everywhere had their boards out. We're not used to this in most of Europe because we're often traveling within the EU using the euro, pronounced "oi-yo."

But that sign is important because it lets you know how much food you can eat!
Where's the beef?

And one of my favorites, the "trdelnik" bread cooked on a steel pole. When it's hot off the pole, they roll it in cinnamon, sugar, and roasted almond slivers!

When we went to a kindergarten BBQ last summer, we made them old school without the help of machinery. Think of it as the alternative to cooking marshmellows or hot dogs on a stick over a camp fire. YUM!

Oh yeah, we were there to see Ryan run! Sorry, the food always distracts me! Anyhow, this was a real big event - probably 5,000 runners I think! I love the electric energy of races. I swell with pride for all these athletes out to do something great, voluntarily. I literally have to fight back tears as they all gear up and await their turn to cross the start line and be on their way.

I love that I was able to kinda move among the crowd keeping pace with Ryan until he got through the start gate! So fun to see him get all fidgety and serious, check his GPS watch and stuff. Perhaps what I loved most about this race was all the moving classical music over the loud speakers. It somehow elevated the moment rather than the frenetic pumping music you'd associate with getting everyone excited.

And then he was off!

I paid close attention to the time and was able to see Ryan cross the finish line! I was able to catch his eye - ya know, jumping up and down from my higher level, balance beam vantage point. He was pretty happy to see me too! I was so proud of him!!! I wonder if him seeing me give birth equates to me seeing him finish a race? Not nearly the same, but feeling the overwhelming love and pride for your spouse is pretty fantastic!

I love my man and his ability to do these races! It's not easy or convenient, takes great effort. He's not afraid of a challenge and I love seeing him meet it head on, especially since it takes us to fun places!