Sunday, February 14

Da Girls 'Dos

Morgan loves to oversee my cooking. The other night I let her play with the water for a bit while I finished up dinner. She was one happy camper and I had some really wet towels to show for the aftermath!

I love putting her hair up in pigtails so I can see her face! The pigtails actually remind me of either little firecrackers or Shrek's ears. She could be Shrek and Fiona's missing baby with that round face and she does sometimes channel her inner ogre! If and when Morgan wants to get back at me, she'll look right at me and start tugging at one of them pigtails. Stinker! I wrote a whole post about her recently that I have yet to publish. She really is so much fun and I love this age!

I finally went and got a haircut two weeks ago. The last time I'd had a trim was in June or July. I've been trying to grow it long again, something about Bare girls trying to gain Favorite Daughter status with my dad but I've got way too much competition nowadays! I was over due for a trim to say the least, but the problem was that I had no idea what I wanted other than to give it some life as I grew it out. Luckily, I like what the stylist did and I even let her put tints in. That's officially the first time I've ever had my hair colored! Ryan hasn't noticed yet, so I think it's safe to say the tints are pretty subtle. They're supposed to look just like my natural summer sun highlights. Since I only do my hair a couple times a week, I don't have much experience and it seems to look like an old Friends Rachel look to me when I'm done. A couple of people have recently asked me for a pic of the new 'do, so I had McKay take this pic below after church this afternoon. This rather flat from the snow-rain look is actually what I probably look like most of the time right now anyhow.

And for Rach, it still just sits there and flips out!