Sunday, January 3

The Elders

My parents fed the missionaries serving in our wards frequently when I grew up and I knew I wanted to do it when I had my family.

What I never, but should have anticipated was how crazy wild my boys love the elders! They constantly ask if the Elders are coming for dinner and I get a dejected moan when the answer is no. Just hearing them trying to wrap their mouths around all the difficult sounds to pronounce Elders cracks me up!

This Elder Ault in particular gets a kick out of McKay. He asks to see McKay's karate "moves" every time they see each other. This elder always stands as a greeter at the door each Sunday which means McKay often joins us a couple minutes later in our seats because they have to have their interchange.

I love the spirit they bring into our home. I love having them as personable role models for my boys. I enjoy the reminder that I need to be sharing the gospel with those around me. And they remind me of my brother Matt serving in Brazil right now. It sure was good to hear him on Christmas Day! Such a crazy thing to be conference calling with him in Brazil fresh out of the MTC, another brother in DC with a new little baby boy, and most of the family at home in Kennewick WA all at once! Wild time we live in!

Been chewing on some thoughts to share, but haven't taken the time to write during the holidays. We sure had some good fun and food with family and friends!