Wednesday, December 9


Stuttgart Weinachtsmarkt on Monday

Strasbourg, France Weinachtsmarkt last night.
Morgan whined her way to win her new doll! We're sooo in big trouble!

Christmas season is upon us and we're soaking it all up! Between Christmas and Advent parties at schools, touring with some of Ryan's family, Christmas shopping, and taking in as many Weinachtsmarkts (Christmas markets) as humanly possible - I don't have much time to document it as it's happening. Some write-ups have been started and a plethora of pictures have been taken, but I don't expect to get much posted until next week.

On Monday, Ryan and I also got a fun tour of downtown Stuttgart and it's government buildings. Very cool to hear some in depth German-American history of how Stuttgart played an important role post-WWII. I have two new people to research and admire - Lt. General Lucius D. Clay and Sec. of State James F. Byrnes with the Speech of Hope here in Stuttgart. Without their efforts, who knows how the British, French, and Americans would have ever resolved their respective carved up zones in post-WWII Germany and if German reunification could have ever happened once the Wall fell. Man I love history! Pictures coming!

I'm also beyond sad that a good friend and neighbor is moving this week! My friend Heike has only lived here a year and her husband got new orders (Army). She's been so helpful as my German resource and a great friend as we've both enjoyed our little town and the schools. The boys will miss their buddies and playing at Sammy, Taylor and Mason's house! Heike's saved my bacon many a time and I've loved our kindergarten and bus stop chats! I pray their move goes smoothly and for her dear mother's health. Oh they're going to be so missed!