Wednesday, December 2

Battle of Wills

While cute from afar, I really don't like when my babies demand to start feeding themselves entire meals. The mess is rather unbearable to me and I know it's just the beginning. Petrified food on the floor and walls that I miss during cleanup. Oatmeal is a personal favorite. And a child needing a bath after each meal. I welcome the self feeding at dinner each night because it lets all of us eat at the same time together, enjoy her new skill together, and the babe needs a bath at the end of most days anyhow. But . . .

This morning, Morgan was inconsolable as I tried to feed her the standard baby cereal and fruit mix I make her in the mornings. She kept up her little pointing finger surveying the table for her unseen favorite that is usually present. Cereal. It was a battle of wills and she ultimately won. Darn it! I tried to feed her the boys' leftover egg on toast but she would have nothing to do with it and threw it on the floor defiantly! She wanted finger food cereal and finally I caved. Usually she gets some in her snack cup to buy me time while I get the boys ready for school.

She did redeem herself in the end, as babies are prone to do. It's a survival instinct and they master it early. After I spread some cereal on her tray, she gave me a big happy grin and put up her lil hand for a high five! She totally knows she won but wants to be a good sport.

And now I must run because she's pounding on her tray and hollering at me. They learn that all too quickly too! Oh yes, and not to forget McKay. He's also hollering at me to come do his Leapfrog letters with him. Where's my clone when I need her?!