Friday, September 25

Happy Birthday, Ryan!!!

Here's the birthday boy last weekend before he ran the Berlin Marathon. So cool! I was surprised to be reminded this week how old he is today because I wasn't ready for my own corresponding age! Age became irrelevant to me when I got married and I can't seem to keep track. Isn't it funny to re-examine where and what you thought you'd be doing by a certain age? I'm positive that bringing his family to live in Germany with a new job and running the Berlin Marathon were not what he imagined last year at this time!

My greatest hope is that he knows I love him the mostest and that I hope the roast enchiladas will be gobbled up in his happy devouring way! I know I've done well when he doesn't say much until after the second plate full and he's put the leftovers away practically before I've finished. Here's hoping! The boys are so excited to have his party and what fun it'll be to have their "help"!

This week’s Top 5 things I wish to celebrate about the cute boy I married:

5. I love how Ryan prefers to spend his spare time with just me and/or our kids. Family outings, playing super powers and smack down, dates and getaways, morning flashlight snuggling with the kids – how lucky are we?! I truly appreciate Ryan’s “free spirit” side pushing us out the door to go have adventures wherever we live.

4. I love seeing Ryan play, teach, and correct our children with the pride and love of a father.

3. I love how Ryan provides for our family’s needs allowing me to be a mother at home. That is too simplistic a statement for such a weighty, thankless responsibility that he shoulders and routinely critically examines.

2. I’ve deserved quite a bit of correction lately and it’s never easy! However, I truly appreciate Ryan’s kind way of correcting me and allowing me to process it in my own time. I love that I can trust my heart, my family, my hopes, my sorrows, and our future in him.

1. I love watching Ryan succeed and being his biggest fan! First and foremost, he is the cute boy I fell in love with.

I’m lucky I’m in love with my best friend
I’m lucky we’re in love in every way
- Lucky lyrics by Jason Mraz