Tuesday, September 8

First Day of School

Written Tuesday, Sept 8:

I tried not to be too anxious this morning, but my stomach was in knots! I finally had to wake Easton up and was dreading it. None of my kids like to be woken up and can be seriously grumpy for hours afterward so I was a little concerned. The magic words seemed to be "Cream of Wheat." I made Easton's favorite breakfast cereal and there was no whining! So cute to see Ryan fussing over his boy, making sure Easton was all set for his first day!

Easton's new school - Boeblingen (almost pronounced Byooblingen). McKay didn't want to be in the family picture and boycotted.

Here's Easton with his kindergarten teacher, Ms. Senna. We've heard fabulous things about her from many people.

This face pretty well describes Easton's mood -- cautious and absorbing.

McKay could feel the vibe and was the first to be ready to go -- except for shoes. He wanted to wear his "super shoes" but we couldn't find both of them so it was rain boots again in a pinch. McKay did demand to have his backpack "like Eas'on has." I got such a kick out of the snapshots this morning and was so pleased with myself that we even made it on time!

I got a little teary, not in saying goodbye to Easton, but looking over at a friend whose husband is deployed while their youngest is having her first day of school. I wondered how many of these kids were missing a parent and how many parents are missing their kid's first day of school. I often get these reality checks here and it makes me so grateful for Ryan and his 8-5 non-traveling job. We have truly been blessed!

Easton hopped off the bus with his friends Sammy and Taylor. His first words to me were, "Is it almost 3 o'clock?" Code for "is it time to play my video games?" And then he asked if he could run home. I said not until we crossed our street at the end which lets him run for about 150 yards. Silly boy!

I was actually grateful for the ten minute walk back home so I could pepper him with questions. He liked circle times, playing on the playground, going to the library and checking out "Go Dog Go", the sandbox, snacks and lunch, a quiet time nap, and reading his book. He's fine with going back tomorrow, not ecstatic, but happy to go. The after school pictures pretty well reflected his moods. Ryan and I were both pumping him for information and boy does it take us back to our own school days!

Here's my big boy happy as a clam back in his own little family world, comfort item and all! Today was his third day and knowing that some friends were coming over to play, he said he wanted to stay home. I told him that he was a big kid now and big kids go to school Monday through Friday because their job is now to learn. We related it to dad's job and how we get weekends off to be together as a family all day long. He seemed to like the sound of that -- and then he voiced a concern. Would he miss his favorite Saturday cartoon, Phineas & Ferb?