Monday, August 31

My turn

I'm sending a little moonshine your way today.

I bet you wake up every morning like I do hoping to find pooh on the floor. Or pee. Pooh was yesterday. Sorry, it's my turn. Maybe you'll get lucky tomorrow. Should I pray for you?

Perhaps you'll fill up a shopping cart of needed supplies, wait in the long line for ten minutes (which is an eternity with three kids under 6) until you're next in line when your three year old squeals that it's time to go NOW! And just for kicks and giggles, you find it was a false alarm after you'd sprinted with said 3 kids to the toddler toilet room. He just wanted to see those small toilets one more time. One hour = three trips to the wee ones' room. Not only does it have smaller toilets, sinks and soap dispensers, but it also has one of those nifty Dyson hand dryers that freak out any baby, Morgan included. Yup, that was THREE times in one hour. I love my life.

Don't you wish you were me right now?

P.S. Ryan potty-trained Easton with a Japanese anime youtube video. He says it was easy. Once again, I'm reminded that Easton and McKay are different children. Darn it!