Sunday, March 15

Kiddo Update

My baby girl is now five months old! Morgan is just a pure joy! With the number of diaper blowouts each week she gets quite a lot of these little baths! She's recently started grabbing for things as seen here in her "bath tub." We've been experimenting with her baby toys during tummy time and dangling thenm over her head to watch her grab them. I was at Easton's kindergarten parents' tea on Friday with a plate full of sweets the boys grabbed, tried and didn't finish. I was talking with some of the other moms and Morgan grabbed a handful of chocolate cupcake and a bit of cheesecake! It totally shocked me, especially since I didn't see her do it - I just saw that fistful heading for her mouth! Perhaps she liked the bites McKay was feeding her just moments before! Thanks for sharing, McKay!

My little girl loves to be held nice and close when she's fed and happy. She lets me give her little squeezes of love as I hold her extra close. I love those little giggles that escape. She's into blowing raspberries now with lots of drool, gnawing on her hands and "chatting". She even finds her thumb now and again. Morgan is quite ticklish everywhere which is a lot of fun. It seems I discover new smiles and can discern what they mean. The wake-up smile as she recognizes it's me and that means it's time to eat. The wide grin as I pass by her that just says hi, I love you, I'm happy it's you. The big open mouth smile as she's being tickled. I just can't seem to get enough of her since I know this time will pass all to quickly!

McKay had a friend over and I really enjoy him having his own friends over without Easton to lean on. These two buddies were so adorable running their trucks from one end of the apartment to the other. McKay asked if we could have cookies and I told the boys we'd make some together. They were so fun to bake with. I am starting to enjoy baking with kids because of the sheer joy they have dumping ingredients in, helping to use the mixer, watching the cookies bake, and chomping away on the cookies with the leftovers all over their faces! They're just so proud to have created their treat! McKay has recently been heard exclaming, "Oh My Gosh!" I have no idea where he heard it, but it just cracks me up!

A week or so ago, Ryan had gotten fed up with my lack of organization and exhibited his job title (Business Operations Analyst) which made me laugh. He would walk into a room and say, "Okay, so what's not working in this room and how can we fix it." He really is good on this front for me and I appreciate it soooo much! In between my chores and the kids, I'd only get so far on each room and get stumped as to what to do and be too cheap to consider going to buy a solution, usually having to due with storage. On Saturday, we hung around the house and got some things done. Ryan bought and built me another IKEA wardrobe for the kids' room. HURRAY!!! In this land of no closets, I've been really challenged. The boys really enjoyed learning how to hammer those nails in and being dad's helpers! It was too cute and they really are old enough to actually be helpful or good at trying.

Easton lately has been really interested in doing more things for himself. These past two weeks he's been making his own snack - usually a PB&J sandwich or PB toast. It takes him FOREVER because he does a lot of "quality control" on the peanut butter which I'm often having to remind him about. He's quite proud of himself for this. On the way home from church he told us that he wanted fried eggs for lunch and wanted to make them himself. Ryan helped the boys do this and then they made Ryan's grandmother's fudge. It was really cute to overhear Ryan telling the boys his favorite memory associated with this fudge. His mom was making the fudge and it got scorched a little. She was going to throw it out apparently, but instead called each kid over to the sink and literally poured it into their mouths. Ryan exclaimed to the boys that it was the BEST DAY EVER! Ryan's now napping, and most would be horrified to know that I've just let the boys cut their own pieces of fudge - as many as they wanted! It was cute to hear Easton tell McKay not to eat too much because if he did, he'd feel really sick soon. I was pretty proud of Easton only cutting himself two pieces.