Tuesday, March 17

I speak Language

Last Friday, Easton's kindergarten hosted a parents' tea. I was very excited that many of the other moms spoke English and lived so near by! My new friend Heike has four children. Liam is 3 months old, Mason is 3 and is in Easton's class, then there's the twin 6 yr olds Sam (boy) and Taylor (girl). Heike and I have started walking in the mornings which has been great since there's all these hills around us! Quite the workout!

At the tea, the kids just played and played. Easton hadn't met his buddy Mason's older siblings, so when I saw Sam trying to strike up a conversation with Easton I listened in. Sam asked Easton, "Do you speak German?" Easton looked at him and thought a few seconds before responding with, "No, I speak language." Hahaha! Sam was a little confused and asked again only to get the same reply. I called Easton over and said he was right, but that I thought the word he could use was that he speaks "English." I loved watching the wheels turning in his head as he walked away thing it over.

Our little town of 10,000 has a community class to learn German on Tuesday mornings. A friend from church told me about it and we went together today. We meet in a big preschool room within the high school so McKay was easily entertained on his own. For 1 euro it was a deal! We began with circle time where we got to introduce ourselves in German (mine with a lot of help!). Then we broke into little groups depending on what level we were. I was the newest there although some of the others were new, but from other countries - Turkey, Poland, Uzbekistan and Italy. My little group was with two other Americans led by another woman also named Heike like my friend. We learned formal and informal introductions, how to count, and tell others our address and phone number or fill out personal info on forms. I'm struggling just counting to ten after class but I really enjoyed it and hope to head back when we get back from our Italy vacation next week. Did I say Italy? Yes I did! We're headed to Tuscany - YAHOO!