Monday, February 16

Garmisch Trip - Day 3

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DAY 3, Rule #3 – Be flexible and keep tabs on the weather and kids’ blood sugar!

Our kids clamor for cereal every morning almost as soon as they wake up. We headed down to the breakfast buffet to get them their beloved cereal, but as we’ve found – if you don’t get them a lil of whatever is meant to be smothered in syrup, you’ll wish you had! Today was those cardboard wanna-be waffles. This morning, Ryan had also grabbed a small icing covered apple roll and grabbed one for Easton. Easton ate the icing off and then whined that he didn’t want the rest. Remember the previous post - he loves any frosting! McKay saw this and had to have an apple roll too. After eating the icing off, he complained he didn’t want the rest because “it too spicy.” He uses this excuse any time he doesn’t want to eat something, it’s always something real bland, and oddly enough this kid loves spicy stuff – salsa, strong ginger snaps.

After enduring breakfast, we saw a clear beautiful morning and decided we needed to go up Zugspitze – the highest peak in Germany. It has a four country panoramic view and border crossing to Tirol, Austria on the summit. It’s a round trip by way of a cogwheel train then the glacier and Eibsee cable car (on the German side of it). Info relevant to my family - Mount Adams in WA that I think we've all climbed at least once with Dad is 12,281 feet (3,743 m) while Zugspitze is 9,718 ft.

I never made it to the summit cuz of unexpected altitude sickness, but as we ascended Zugspitze by cable car, all I could think was how fun it'd be to take a black garbage bag and slide down it like we did on Mt Adams! In fact, I loved these little slides I saw kids carrying around that resembled plastic shovels just big enough to slide on.

We checked out of the hotel and rushed over to the train station. All the snow made it crazy trying to park with all the skiers parking wherever they wanted. If we didn’t catch the 10:24 train we had to wait an entire hour so imagine the fun we had trying to get our little ones to hurry in all that snow! Easton isn’t used to wearing his snow boots and was having holy fits all morning, especially when we asked him to hurry. His screaming made it sound like we were scaring the living daylights out of him and he was screaming for water of all things. ARGH!

We got to the train platform as everyone was boarding and it took about an hour and half to reach Eibsee. We had many stops picking up mostly skiers so I was glad we’d gotten a seat at the initial stop! While on the train, the one picture I wished I’d taken was of a small church with an onion dome steeple and a terraced cemetery in front of it. The grave markers appeared to be intricately carved wooden crosses.

Up at Eibsee, we got on the glacier and Eibsee cable car to take us to the summit. Once we were up there with a gorgeous clear view in every direction, the boys started their theatrics. I’m so sad I didn’t really get to take it all in because I was trying to reassure them we’d be inside soon. They whined and cried the whole time. McKay hates cold winds and I’m still not sure why Easton was whining.

We crossed over to the Austrian overlook and decided to have lunch since it was 1pm. Perhaps low blood sugar was to blame for all the weeping and waling! But our ordeal wasn’t over! The boys whined while we got the food from the cafeteria. They whined that they wanted dad’s KitKat. (Apparently he doesn’t know to hide all such treasures from munchkins til they’ve eaten the main course). They wailed when I was splitting the big plate of spaghetti three ways. As we were trying to get McKay to stop his holy fit, Ryan accidently knocked over one of the hot chocolates all over McKay’s leg, the table and the floor. An entire cup! What a mess and imagine McKay’s howling! I avoided all eye contact with the people around us – all of which were older with no lil ones present of course. Lucky them!!! I’m sure we were quite the show! And of course, Morgan then needed to eat right that moment!

As we were getting up to leave and cleaning up more of the mess on the floor, a real nice lady who enjoyed the show was trying to joke with us about what happened in her broken English. Ryan replied to her, pointing at McKay, “Yeah, terrible twos!” I quipped, “You knocked it over, Ryan” and he said, “Oh yea, terrible twenties!” The lady was laughing, but I had to laugh at what comes out of our mouths under fire. We haven’t seen our twenties in a few years and this was just one more shining example of how glamorous parenting in public can be.

Once our bellies were full again and we were able to enjoy our scenic overlook, it was time to head back down the mountain. We took the cable car down and boy were our ears popping a lot! Too bad I didn't take up someone's advice to have us all chew gum! The cable car was so packed like sardines that I had to keep telling myself not to freak out and succumb to claustrophobia! Don’t be fooled by the smile on my face in the pics! McKay and Easton were holding on to my legs and I just kept reassuring them in order to keep my mind off the situation. Finally, McKay had had it down in the darkness and frankly, I was a bit worried about him being trampled if he lost his footing so I picked him up. Easton looked a bit frightened, but he kept it together thank goodness! I was sooooo glad to get out of there!

We had a nice train ride down again and I just couldn't believe what a beautiful clear day we got! Once the kids began getting antsy, Ryan started taking real closeup face pictures of the boys and had them laughing their heads off! It was rather funny but I was exhausted. Every pic he took of me on the way down totally showed it!

Once we all got settled back into the car, McKay crashed in his car seat before we got out of the parking lot! Easton, Morgan and I weren't far behind once the heater was on. I tried taking pics of my favorite murals on various buildings as we left town, but they all turned out horrible! I'll try again next time. Ryan got us home in good time. At one point he said,"Look, I'm going 110!" Miles per hour! A bit alarmed I replied,"But should you?" It was a passenger safety and life of the car concern - and then I faded back to my nap. Ryan sure loves the autobahn!