Monday, April 28

Sick Wagon Pullin' Out!

What happened to April?! I know that month was on the calendar, but I have no recollection of it! We've literally had someone good and sick every other week since Spring Break in March so that's part of it I think. Last week was my turn apparently.

What good is a vacation if you get sick halfway though it? A little over a week later, I think we've fully recovered now. Ryan and I had planned a getaway to historical Williamsburg to use our annual passes once more before they expired. Last year we'd gone with my family but I was carting Easton and McKay around most of the time and didn't get to experience much. This time the trip was without the boys - HURRAY! Thanks for the passes, Dad!

We had beautiful weather and were glad we'd decided to camp until that first night. The campground was situated between two major roads and smack next to railroad tracks - heavily used railroad tracks both day and night! Being early pregnant (now 15 wks) and not having gotten a lot of sleep the night before, I passed out when my head hit the pillow. Ryan was not so fortunate. About every 2 hours, a freight train or Amtrak would barrel through camp. I do remember one coming through and kinda laughing to myself that it was a good thing I was so tired or I'd be really bugged. Ryan was beyond bugged!

By the end of a wonderful day Friday meandering through Williamsburg, Ryan and I were beat and feeling under the weather. His allergies were so bad and my sore throat was getting worse, that we decided to pull up camp and grab a hotel for the night. Best money ever paid! By 8pm we were both miserable in bed. I don't even remember getting under the covers after I collapsed on the bed bringing my bag in! I do remember I had a good case of the chills.

On Saturday I felt like I had the full blown flu with alternating aches, chills, and fever. I croaked out responses once in a while to Ryan, but luckily his was allergies so his strength wasn't zapped and he drove us home. By Monday at the doctor's office, they told me I had ulcers on my tonsils when they did the throat culture. No wonder it felt like I was swallowing knives with every effort!

This all seems irrelevant now, but thanks for reading! McKay got a nasty cold too so he would just ask to "Snugo" all week which was fine with me! Of course, you have to do it in the spot he requests and situate yourself according to his will! SHEESH! He is soooo bossy!

Ryan teased me this past weekend about how long it took me to unpack from our trip. We'd just dumped the bags in the dining room and didn't disturb them til the weekend! Minimal upkeep of the house happened all week and we survived in the end thanks to a couple meals brought in my wonderful dear friends! THANK YOU!!!

The boys are now begging to go outside and enjoy the beautiful spring weather. Easton loves to ride his "bi-skittle" while McKay just chugs along pushing his oversize truck.

Hopefully I'll get back on the bloggin' train now that the sick wagon is pulling out finally. You could say I've felt the complete opposite of West Side Story song chorus - "I feel pretty, and witty, and gay!" Having strep, cleaning up vomit, and wiping noses pretty much zap that outta me! Now on to better and brighter times!!!