Monday, March 31

Master of Disaster

Last Friday night I'd made up a batch of maple syrup anticipating breakfast on Saturday morning. I had just put it in the syrup jug but got distracted mid-thought and went downstairs to start a load of laundry without finishing putting the lid on the syrup. Ooops!

I had barely started putting a new load in the washer when I heard the unmistakable sound of a chair being dragged across the kitchen floor. I knew it was McKay. I knew he was going after the syrup. I debated whether or not to run up or to finish starting the load. If only I'd run right up!

I didn't finish starting the load, but the time it took me to debate the question in my head was enough time for McKay to get up on the chair he'd dragged over to the counter, take the syrup bottle off the counter, walk it over to the table, climb up on another chair, and pour the entire bottle on a plate with the extra overflowing to the table, chair and floor.
Parenting decision -- fly off the handle or laugh and take a picture? I peeked through the passthrough into the kitchen and voiced my dismay to McKay about how he'd made a big mess. Ryan was now up to see the sight and I stopped our tantrum by saying I needed to get a picture of this. McKay had a spoon in hand and was just helping himself to a plate of syrup until we'd barged in on his feast. Then he realized he was in trouble and was all sticky everywhere - hence the not so happy pictures!

This kid is a thinker-upper already! Easton just didn't go to this much effort! The day before this, McKay had dumped out my entire bottle of garlic powder in the minute I left to run to the bathroom. It was everywhere! On the counter, in the pot I was mixing dinner, on the floor, on the chair, on him . . . how does he do it that fast?!

Saturday morning we didn't end up having pancakes or anything with syrup because the boys had gotten up and helped themselves to a bag of chocolate balls McKay's teacher had given him for Easter. I knew they were being way to quiet letting us sleep in. They are always barking at us for food in the morning so I wasn't sure what they'd found. I was so relieved to find it wasn't yogurt on the carpet mushed in downstairs between their cute little toes! That was a real fun week of McKay's phase.

Here's some random pictures of all sorts of stuff I've been meaning to catch up on. It starts with McKay's breakfast routine. He gives me orders in this way every morning: He wants cereal in a bowl first "cee-woo" (this picture is hot cereal and the reason we don't have it more than once a week), then milk in the cereal "mote", then a spoon "poon", then a cup of water or "mote", then yogurt "goot". Like Easton, he's particular on where I place said items in front of him which if done incorrectly elicits a stern down brow of disapproval. Sheesh! Tough crowd!