Monday, December 31

A new family tradition & Ryan's twin

Easton was sent a card and money for his birthday from his Grandpa Nelson and Grandma JoLynn. We decided this would be a great chance to teach Easton about tithing and deciding how to spend money. We had the tithing discussion and then headed to a little bookstore (Books & Crannies) to spend a bit of time looking at fun books and letting him pick his favorite. It was so fun!

We let Easton carry his dollars in his pocket until halfway through the car ride when he couldn't get the dollar bills back into his pocket and we were all worried about him losing it. I held on to it for him and all felt much better - but so cute to see him excited about having "monies" of his very own. And they were the fun $2 bills!

After Ryan and I ran the kids into a store we found a candle we had to have for our new little entry way nook, we got to the book store. Their children's section is upstairs and we had the little area to ourselves to sit, browse the books and enjoy the time there with no pressure. There was a cute book on how to be a pirate, an illustrated popup book of "The Wheels on the Bus", and other little treasures of varying costs. We told Easton which books his money could buy and it was such a sweet little experience!

Easton finally selected "Will You Carry Me?" which is a beautifully illustrated little paperback about a little boy who gets tired playing in the park and he and his mom try different movements on their way home like flying, swimming, jumping and running until they're snuggling at home on the couch. Hmmm, a parenting strategy? Very cute book and Easton got to take his money to the counter and pay for his new book. Ryan and I got a kick out of watching Easton fumble with this money and try to get it all on the countertop.

McKay, during the transaction, hollered "DADDY!" has he tried to hug and thereby knocked over the life-size poster/display of Stephen Colbert (of the Colbert Report - late night entertainer and political satirist). AAACK!!! But still ya had to laugh at the kid thinking he could hug a poster of someone he thinks is his Dad!

The girls behind the counter were in love with the $2 bills so that was also fun. Afterward, we let Easton buy a Wendy's frosty with this remaining birthday cash. He got a brain freeze and didn't finish it - but no worries, McKay was on the scene to do his duty!

We enjoyed this little outing as a family so much it will now be a tradition with birthday money. Thank you Grandpa Nelson and Grandma JoLynn!