Wednesday, August 22

Chow Time!

As one corn lover to the next, I was shocked to realize someone could love corn more than myself! My sweet husband eats corn on the cob as a meal and he means business! I'm just glad he shares! Ryan eats between 8 to 12 ears of corn in a sitting. Now that McKay has finally cut those front teeth on top and bottom, it was real fun to see him go to town on his little cobs. He watched Ryan eat a few and started begging for his own cob. He bore down on that cob and didn't leave hardly a spare kernel. Ryan could point out spots he missed and he'd get back to work. Such concentration on that little face and quite the vice grip. He ate 1 1/2 ears of corn after a big plate of "Nauvoo potatoes" or funeral potatoes - the potato cheese dish covered with corn flakes.

Meanwhile, meals with Easton are routinely grueling. I am open to learning new tactics from fellow well-meaning conspirators that know how to make kids eat. I know it's not a new dilemma. I'm finding that the silly dare tactic is yielding the best results. Telling him I don't think he can fit such and such a big bite into his mouth and pulling all sorts of astonished, dramatic faces and gasps gets him giggling and trying to impress me with more bites. Treat bribes, timeouts, and being sent to his room only produce tears and more whining. He regularly complains his tummy hurts or that he wants new food to which I tell him if he's hungry, he'll eat and that he's got to eat good food so he'll grow big and strong like dad. Cutting back on snacks too doesn't seem to help. Suggestions???